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Technotots ™ blend traditional nursery care and education with innovative ICT expertise, to provide safe, secure and stimulating nurseries. At Technotots, working parents have secure, virtual contact with their child throughout the working day via webcam streaming, and pre-school children access the powerful educational benefits of computer technology in nurturing and stimulating settings.

Whilst retaining our ethos of blending traditional nursery care with cutting edge technologies, Technotots’ approach to childcare is based on creating a “Circle of Care”, which has the child at the centre of a partnership between parents, staff, nursery and home.

"Your child’s well being, growth, development and sense of security is a measure of the affectionate bonds they form with their carers, the confidence they gain with every step they take...."

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Technotots introduce our bespoke Nursery and Pre-school at their "Campus" style setting at Brunel Road, Dundee…